Screeding in the rain at East London

A screeding contractor has had to stop the progress on a project due to concerns of a complete disregard for sequencing and preparation by the principal contractor. A formal notice has been requested that the client take full responsibility for any failure of the screed whilst under such circumstances.

A large construction site in East London are demanding that Gypsum based screeds are poured as a structural screed on a Lewis Decking system, whilst open to all the elements.

The screed installed to date has been subject to serious water damage, vast amounts of cracking and pour quality screed finish. These failures are due to no roof or closed external walls allowing serious water ingress, high winds causing excessive cracking, pour finish as the areas are only being made available on the day and materials are on a reactive turn around and to top it all, drilling from underneath is causing damage to the screed surface.

Gypsum based screeds are sensitive to re-watering and continue to break down over time. The result would be total failure and guaranteed to require a full replacement.

Video to follow shortly!

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